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AC Filter Capacitors for PWM Inverter

The overall variable frequency drive (VFD) system relies on capacitors to control an AC induction motor properly. The VFD system includes an input sine filter, AC/DC converter, DC link, DC/AC inverter, and AC inverter output filer. Within the VFD are DC bus capacitors, located between the output of the AC/DC converter and the input to the DC/AC inverter. These high-energy capacitors store energy, smooth rectifier ripple currents, and provide “ride... Read More

The Self-Healing Affect of Metallized Capacitors

Metallized capacitors offer the advantages of volume efficiency and self-healing. Self- healing is the ability of a metallized capacitor to clear a fault area where a momentary short occurs due to dielectric breakdown under voltage. The conditions that lead to a fault vary. In the production of the dielectric film, contamination can occur or a process control problem can result in compromised dielectric strength. In most circumstances, these problems... Read More

Selecting Film Bus Link Capacitors For High Performance Inverter Applications

Abstract – For years design engineers have chosen electrolytic capacitor technology for use as the bus link capacitor on inverter designs. The main attraction has always been the low cost per farad associated with electrolytic capacitors. This paper will present a practical mathematical approach on how to properly size a bus link capacitor for a high performance hard switched DC to AC inverter using film capacitors and will show how film capacitors... Read More

A New Mitigation Strategy for Failures in Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors

Abstract Metallized film capacitors utilizing polypropylene dielectric have become the component of choice in critical applications because of their low dielectric loss and superior breakdown voltage strength. There are some concerns that in certain applications metallized polypropylene capacitors can fail in a manner such that the failure poses a hazard to the equipment and personnel. Fuseacâ„¢ is a thermal fuse technology designed to protect against... Read More

Capacitors in Series

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Capacitors in Parallel

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