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Technical Papers

A New Mitigation Strategy for Failures in Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors

FuseacTM is a thermal fuse technology designed to protect against common capacitor failure modes in high power AC and DC applications.

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A Low-Inductance DC Bus Capacitor for High Power Traction Motor Drive Inverters

For a battery-powered traction motor drive, the inverter dc bus presents high-frequency pulsating current due to device switching.

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Current Ratings and Dissipated Power in DC and AC Applications

This application note discusses how to manipulate published capacitor ratings to the actual system requirements and determine if the capacitor will function reliably for that application.

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Selecting Film Bus Link Capacitors For High Performance Inverter Applications

A practical mathematical approach on how to properly size a bus link capacitor for a high performance hard switched DC to AC inverter using film capacitors.

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DC "Link" Capacitors for Electric Drive-Train Inverters

Electronic Concepts launches a new series of DC "Link" High Current Film Capacitors specifically targeting the ever expanding Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Market.

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AS9100 Certified, ISO 9001-2000 Certified

Capacitors: from concept to finished product

Electronic Concepts is the recognized leader in film capacitor design and manufacture. Our innovative capacitor design capability offers the flexibility to meet your most demanding film capacitor requirement. As a vertically integrated capacitor manufacturer, we offer prototype and custom manufacturing, as well as a diverse spectrum of standard product lines ranging from small chip size capacitors to large building blocks.

Electronic Concepts is extremely flexible with the ability to produce dielectric, produce stamped or machined terminals, fabricate enclosures in plastic or metals, perform unique testing and develop and build its own production and testing equipment. No matter how challenging your capacitor requirements, Electronic Concept’s unique capabilities and expertise offer you film capacitor innovation without limits.

Electronic Concepts serves with quality and commitment military spec capacitors, medical capacitors, photovoltaic and wind power capacitors, switching power supply capacitors, AC Capacitors, high power filter capacitors, and much more.


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