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  • Metallized capacitor having increased dielectric breakdown voltage and method of manufacture
  • Metallized film capacitor with increased dielectric breakdown voltage
  • Capacitor module with epoxy housing and terminal mounting inserts
  • Hermetically sealed capacitor and method of manufacture
  • Capacitor with increased electrical breakdown strength and method of manufacture
  • Cuffed tape wrap and fill wound capacitor
  • Hermetically sealed capacitor
  • Capacitor forming and manufacturing method
  • Metallized film wound capacitor having minimized inductive reactance and method of manufacture
  • Means and method for fabricating planar terminated capacitors
  • Outer wrapping and planar terminations for a Metallized wound capacitor
  • Dual film Metallized capacitor
  • Means and method for converting finished electrical components with terminal leads to elements having planar terminations
  • Substantially small sized wound capacitor and manufacturing method
  • Method of making small sized wound capacitors
  • Wound capacitor having a thermal disconnect at a hot spot
  • Wound capacitor providing a thermal alert of a hot spot