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Shop Capabilities

Comprehensive Shop CapabilitiesCNC machining center. CNC lathes. Standard digital positioning lathes and mills. Terminal stamping from flat copper. Spot welding. TIG welding. Laser welding. In-house tool and die manufacturing. In-house production tooling design and fabrication. Read More

Testing Capabilities

Outstanding Testing CapabilitiesDielectric breakdown testing for faults per area. Dielectric strength testing for avalanche voltage with specified ramp rates and precise display of voltage and time at breakdown. Differential scanning calorimeter analysis of melt point and glass transition temperatures. Gas chromatography analysis of solvent solutions. Elongation strength measurement in grams per micron at 25mm width. Shrinkage in machine and transverse... Read More

Manufacturing Capabilities

A Full Range of Manufacturing CapabilitiesSolvent cast dielectric production. Machine direction stretching orientation of master rolls. Conversion of both plain and metallized films from master rolls to winding bobbins. Specially developed static elimination equipment. In-house flat aluminum vapor deposition of electrodes on moving webs of film from 0.9 micron to 20 micron thickness at 315mm widths. In-house slitting to winding reels with open-air... Read More

ECI High Temperature Film Capacitors

Electronic Concepts Inc. is an industry leading plastic film capacitor manufacturer incorporated in 1969. Primary markets served include military, medical, aerospace, alternative energy, traction, and industrial power conversion. Global corporation with design and manufacturing in America and Europe. Vertically integrated with: Solvent casting plant producing polymers including polycarbonate and proprietary dielectrics. Full machining capabilities... Read More

AC Filter Capacitors for PWM Inverter

The overall variable frequency drive (VFD) system relies on capacitors to control an AC induction motor properly. The VFD system includes an input sine filter, AC/DC converter, DC link, DC/AC inverter, and AC inverter output filer. Within the VFD are DC bus capacitors, located between the output of the AC/DC converter and the input to the DC/AC inverter. These high-energy capacitors store energy, smooth rectifier ripple currents, and provide “ride... Read More

LH3 Series

Next generation inverter application The UNLYTIC ® LH3 series capacitor has been designed utilizing Lo-Henry™ technology. It is a coaxial film technology that produces very low inductance (ESL). With an effort to keep overall system costs down, the LH3 series was designed with a compact terminal layout. It will allow designers to reduce the overall buss bar dimensions. The capacitor is encapsulated in a specially formulated potting compound that... Read More

5HT Series

High Temperature Film & Foil Resonant Power Supply Capacitor This series is specifically designed to meet the challenges of high temperature environments in resonant power supplies with operation to 175°C. The 5HT series meets the critical requirements of series resonant power supplies for high current carrying capabilities at lower capacitance values.  Read More

Dielectric Research

Comprehensive Dielectric Research CapabilitiesLab scale mixing and filtering of polymer slurries produced from resin and primary solvent bases. Lab scale production of solvent cast films in webs of 5-8” wide, 10-20 micron thick, and lengths to hundreds of meters. Flat aluminum metallization of lab scale solvent cast films.   Read More


Committed to developing innovative designs to meet existing market applications and anticipated new applications. To progress our goals and advance the state-of-the-art, ECI performs dielectric research and capacitor development. Dielectric research includes the ability to solvent cast small sample rolls of material from experimental resins. ECI converting can slit the rolls to winding reels allowing first evaluation of film-foil capacitors – all... Read More

MC Series

Ideal for DC Requirements & Square-Wave Voltage Applications The superior electrical characteristics of type MC metallized polycarbonate film capacitors make them ideal not only for the most exacting DC requirements, but also for square-wave voltage applications such as silicon-controlled inverters, converters and rectifiers. Outstanding electrical characteristics of type MC capacitors are achieved as a result of Electronic Concepts skilled engineering... Read More