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Since its incorporation in June of 1969, Electronic Concepts has grown to be a recognized and respected name in the electronic component industry, focusing on specialty polycarbonate film capacitors. Through engineering innovation and expertise, production flexibility, and service, Electronic Concepts has become a major supplier in high technology fields of Avionics, Medical Electronics, General Instrumentation, Telecommunications, and many others.

A major factor in the growth and success of Electronic Concepts has been our leadership role in the area of new and emerging technologies and our ability to address the changing needs of the industry. This effort is evidenced by our many patents and by the following innovative products:

Type ECR capacitor: this capacitor is physically the smallest film capacitor in the industry. It is the same size as the ceramic CK05.

Type HECR capacitor: This is a hermetically sealed version of the ECR, suitable for more stringent applications. Both the ECR and HECR capacitors are qualified to military specifications.

Type 5MC capacitor: This Capacitor type directly addresses the requirements of the switch-mode power supply industry, especially in view of the new, higher frequency technology being utilized in recent design.

Type MP80 and MP88 capacitors: These are Snubber Capacitors especially designed for protecting IGBT’s used in inverters and chargers in electric vehicles.

Unlytics: These are characterized by high energy density and are used in such applications as defibrillators.

In order to provide swift and comprehensive worldwide service, Electronic Concepts has two manufacturing facilities. Our US Headquarters consists of 100,000 square feet in Eatontown, New Jersey USA, established in 1969. Our European Headquarters is located in a 30,000 square foot facility in Galway Ireland, established in 1982 and additional facilities in Lee, Massachusetts.

In order to support our continuing technical advances, Electronic Concepts employs a staff of engineers whose combined film capacitor experience is in excess of 100 years. Our talented engineers, in addition to keeping abreast of industry trends, are in frequent contact with customers to address their current, specific requirements.

Complimenting the technical innovativeness, a total commitment to customer service has also been made in areas of quality, on-time delivery, and responsiveness.

Quality: Several customers have included Electronic Concepts in "Dock-to-Stock" programs whereby incoming inspection has been eliminated. Participation in such programs is restricted to suppliers who have consistently demonstrated high levels of quality. In this respect, Electronic Concepts meets or exceeds the requirements of MIL-I-45208 in conjunction with MIL STD’s 45662 and 202. As a result, we have been qualified to virtually all of the active film capacitor military specifications. Additionally, an SPC program is in effect and qualification to ISO 9000 is in progress.

Delivery: Our commitment to on-time delivery is supported by a computerized Production Control system which provides a mechanism for tracking orders on a daily basis. This information is available at satellite terminals throughout the plant. Problems such as yields, etc., surface at a point in time where in most cases immediate corrective action can be taken to ensure on-time delivery.

Responsiveness: Electronic Concepts is a "key account" oriented company. In order to support this philosophy, an account-manager system has been established, whereby one person assumes full responsibility for all aspects of customer support for an account. One of the most important duties of the account manager is accurate and timely response to all inquires. Additionally, the account manager is responsible for tracking and pre-expediting orders as well as other areas of general customer support.