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HT1 Series - Snubber with Thermakon™ Technology

Electronic Concepts' new polymer operates to 150°C with the highest peak-current of any metallized dry film capacitor.

Key Features

  • Continuous operation at 150°C
  • Highest peak current capabilities
  • Low loss factors that decrease with temp.
  • Tight capacitance stability vs. temperature
  • Volume efficiency comparable to MP88
  • RoHS compliant

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Offers High-Temperature Performance

The HT1 Snubber Series high-temperature performance is an alternative to conventional capacitors in applications including high-temperature switching to 150°C, EV/HEV inverters, and industrial power conversion. The HT1 series responds to industry demands for high-temperature capacitors with outstanding peak-current performance surpassing traditional metallized dielectrics.

Our new high temperature polymer, Thermakon™ Technology, can be packaged in other styles.


Additional Information

Capacitance Range

  • 0.12µF to 2.2µF

Capacitance Tolerance

  • Standard capacitance tolerance is ±10%.
  • (Other tolerances available on request)

Operating Temperature Range

  • -55°C to 150°C


  • Metallized proprietary dielectric in a thermoplastic case with RoHS tab terminals

Voltage Rating

  • 600VDC to 2400VDC

Environmental Testing

Vibration (Note 1)204D
Humidity (Note 2)106
Life (Note 3)108F
Reference MIL-STD 202



  1. Vibration is continuous for a four hour period in each of two directions, parallel and perpendicular to the major axis.
  2. The capacitors shall be subjected to 20 continuous cycles.
  3. Capacitors can withstand a test potential of 1.3 times DC rated voltage at 150°C between terminals for a period of 2,000 hours, with not more than one failure per group of 10 tested.
EC PART NUMBERVALUE (µF)VOLTAGE (VDC)Ipk (Amps)dv/dt (V/µs)ESL (nH)Fres (kHz)ESR
(100 kHz)
Irms (100kHz) 70°C

HT1_Style_A HT1_Style_B

  • Horizontal Mounting (A)
  • Vertical Mounting (B)