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  1. Product changes – Electronic Concepts Inc. reserves the right to change designs, specifications, and data without notice, to improve design, reliability, or performance. During order placement, please check to make sure the latest revision of the part specification is applicable. We also reserve the right to discontinue production and delivery of products. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all products listed will always be available. This, however, does not apply to cases with individual agreements.
  2. Liability – ECI, its associates, representatives, employees, and others acting on its behalf disclaim any and all liability for errors, inaccuracies, or incompleteness represented in datasheets, product specifications, internet website, or any other method of product disclosure.
  3. Product suitability – Electronic Concepts’ statements made pertaining to its manufactured parts are based on generic knowledge of the requirements placed on capacitors in any particular application. Any statements about the suitability or typical requirements are established through generic knowledge of the application concerned. However, these statements cannot be regarded as binding statements concerning the suitability of our products for a customer’s specific application. Always consider Electronic Concepts, Inc (ECI) as either unfamiliar with the customer’s particular application or is less familiar than the customer themselves. Due to this, the customer ultimately takes the responsibility of verifying the ECI proposed solution is suitable for their particular application. After analyzing the specifications described in the product’s specification, and deciding the performance specified meets the requirement, the customer is responsible to perform product validation testing in the application.
  4. Installation precautions – In no case should the electrical terminations of the capacitors be the mechanical support of the device. All capacitors should have stress relief in connections to allow for thermal expansions during operation. Mechanical mountings can be provided with many products, or the customer may use other suitable methods of mounting. Failure to provide mechanical support to electrical connections can result in damage to the capacitor terminations leading to premature, and in some cases, catastrophic failure.
  5. No warranty – Although Electronic Concepts, Inc. takes the necessary steps to ensure that the customer is receiving a part that passed our rigorous quality control inspection, the malfunction or failure of a component cannot be completely ruled out. ECI makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee of product suitability for customer applications. Some applications requiring extreme reliability are incumbent on the customer to provide redundancy or protective circuity. Unless verified in writing by ECI, no products are designed for use in medical, life-saving, or life-sustaining applications, or any other application in which product failure could result in personal injury or death.
  6. Observe all warnings – Any warnings, cautions, and product-specific notes should be followed. Always assume energy storage in capacitors and use appropriate safety measures to avoid shock.
  7. Restricted substances – In some applications, technical requirements may necessitate the use of some materials restricted by RoHs, Reach, or other directive or policy. In the event that more detail is needed, please contact our sales department.
  8. Export Control – ECI observes embargoed country restrictions and typically treats all products as EAR99 classified. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with any ITAR or other agency requirements. This includes but is not limited to providing State Department jurisdiction assistance, other agency classifications, licensing fees, or other imposed requirements.